5 Family-Friendly Animation Films

I LOVE animation films. Who doesn’t? At Zon Commerce, We spend our entire childhood glued to television because our parents are trying to sleep (or whatever excuse they make up) and we watch these movies over and over and over and over again until the story lines are glued into our heads and we make up ridiculous and confusing alternate story lines for an excuse to watch them over again. Here’s five examples of my favorite animation films.

Toy Story
The story of a boy, and his toy- specifically a cowboy named Woody. And then he gets a new toy; oh boy do I smell jealousy. This one company, www.affordablebailbondsnewyork.com, over time; Woody gets over his feelings and he become great friends with the other toy (a Buzz Light-year), and he realizes that his owner still enjoys him, even though he gets new toys. What makes this movie great is that it is a very complicated story but was the very first fully animated movie by Pixar. More than that, it was a groundbreaking style of movie; it changed the way the movie industry looked at animated films. Toy Story is great because you see the toys you loved as a child come to life, how they interact, and the complex relationships that you had with your own toys, even though it sounds kind of funny.

Cars is the story of big-shot Lighting McQueen, a racecar! it’s got positive messages, role model material, and it’s an all-around family fun film! Why is this movie a classic? It’s about talking cars? How awesome is that? Plus, in this film the cars are not only fully functional; they have great personalities and really complicated relationships with each other. Moreover, they do it in ways that adults and children alike can sympathize with. It’s not super childish because of the complex themes; but it has all the magic that a children’s movie needs.

Frozen is the most recent film on our list.The tale of a beautiful princess with a mind-numbing power, literally! Everything she touches turns to ice and snow. When she has a fit one day she turns her entire kingdom into a snow palace. While this sounds beautiful and wonderful she dredged up a truly awful storm and her entire kingdom has to come together to help save the day! A real coming-of-age film that’s fun for kids and adults! This film puts a new spin on the typical princess story where the princess is saved by a handsome prince, this movie focuses on family and love. It truly is a wholesome film.

Up is another great Pixar film for Disney. It’s about the child of an absentee father looking for a role model that he finds in a grumpy old man when he’s traveling door-to-door trying to receive his boy scout badge. He is persistent and obnoxious and downright hilarious. Along with the boy and the grumpy old man is a pack of talking dogs and a funny pregnant bird named, Kevin. People come back to this film for its hilarity and great family values.

Finding Nemo
Cute clown fish, what’s not to love? This is the tale of Nemo, a little fish with a little fin and a big attitude. His father, Marlin, is a wee-bit overprotective and pushes his son to never do anything out of the ordinary. One day Nemo has had enough and rushes to “touch the butt” (boat) where he’s picked up by humans and taken onshore to live with real people. Marlin goes on an adventure searching for his son when he finds Dory (Ellen Degeneres) an absent-minded blue-fish that has a heckuva time helping out. All-in-all this film is great for kids and adults alike because it’s about strengthening relationships and following rules while still letting loose once in a while.

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