The Advantages of Using Whiteboard Video Animation

The Advantages of Using Whiteboard Video Animation – Video Production

Whiteboard video animation blogs are a great way to make your website attractive. Most customer oriented websites only have about a one percent sales rate. The answer? Whiteboard animation. Whiteboard video animation is essentially an animation of someone drawing on a whiteboard. It is mainly used to make complex ideas easy to understand. Think of it like a teacher drawing on a whiteboard in a classroom. Utilizing an animated video maker also presents a unique in that not many companies use it, so it will definitely prove to be a powerful attention getter.  There are even great still animations that work really well including the one used with this wine chiller we found on Amazon, a place for people who want to learn how to sell on Amazon.  It use to be an actual animation and they turned it into a still image.

If you want to make your website or blog more attractive or if you’d like to boost your traffic, it would be worth studying some of these examples.

  1. British Government (

Even governments use whiteboard animation to explain difficult concepts to the people. This portion of the website explains how British tax dollars are spent, the “Spending Round” in particular. This video was created by Chancellor George Osborn. No matter what you think of the Chancellor, it is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Info Graphic World (

This website has many, many examples of great whiteboard videos. It covers everything from turkey-necks to marketing advice. These videos are highly original and very attractive.

  1. Room 214 (

This is a great site to look at when getting started. There are a few great videos on this site. For starters, check out the Adobe video in particular. It advertises the new Adobe product EchoSign. The purpose of the site is to provide examples of whiteboard animation, and it does so quite well.

  1. Mashable (

Here’s a website that shows the history of Facebook using a simple whiteboard animation. From Zuckerberg creating a website strictly for Harvard to current times when anyone can sign up, this video explains in detail what exactly happened to Facebook over the years.

  1. RSA (

This site offers a number of whiteboard animations by different artists. From economic advice to advice about living in the twenty-first century, this website has a large number of entertaining and informative whiteboard animations.

  1. UPS (Commercial)

Even big companies like UPS use whiteboard animation. You may have seen the commercials featuring Errol Morris. These commercials actually display Morris drawing on a whiteboard. The results are quite stunning and attention-grabbing.

  1. Scribe Bunny (

Here’s another site that will help you out if you’re looking to make a whiteboard animation. There are several samples with a variety of subjects, but it shows the advantage of using whiteboard animation. Your site will get noticed.

  1. Cartoon Media (

This is a great site because it offers many, many whiteboard examples from a number of different companies. From to SellRunner, these whiteboards will keep you entertained for quite some time as you learn about these companies.

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